YG Yang Hyun Suk Doesn’t Believe He Could Make Another Group Like BIGBANG

In a recent interview at YG Headquarters, YG President Yang Hyun Suk revealed that he doubted he could create another group like BIGBANG. He stated that “I’ll probably be producing a lot of groups in the future but I think it would be difficult to create a group like BIGBANG, where the positive points of each member come together nicely like a well matched couple.”

He went on to explain that even though BIGBANG aren’t the most handsome group or the best dancers, each member used their distinct characteristics to show off a range of liberal performances, garnering love and attention from both domestic and international fans. Yang Hyun Suk states that “Group Dances are usually the distinguishing feature of Korean and Japanese idol culture. However I believe BIGBANG was able to garner widespread popularity in other countries besides Korea and Japan due to their free-going performances.”

With the recent release of BIGBANG’s new mini album “Alive” and reports showing BIGBANG’s rising prominence overseas, it seems that Yang Hyun Suk appears to be correct in his judgement. When asked about the wide variety of music contained within the mini album, Yang Hyun Suk responded by saying that “Rather than focusing on changing their musical styles, this is a well-rounded album with a different genre for each song. We have designated all 6 songs to be their title songs so as to highlight all the songs in the album.”

He finished by stating that “Designating all the songs in an album as title songs is an unprecedented event, whether that be domestically or internationally. I don’t think there would be much meaning in selecting one song as a title song and coming first a few times on a music program. Right now it’s more important to market the album itself and BIGBANG as a brand.”