Famous Composer Don Spike Calls Audition Programs, "Inferior Clown Game"

Composer Don Spike, famous for working with musicians such as Kim Bum Soo and Brown Eyed Soul, has posted a series of Tweets expressing his disappoint towards the rise in audition programs within the domestic market, stating how audition participants seem to be taking the lion share of coverage on prime time television and musical charts.

In his first Tweet, Don Spike states that “It’s impossible to find music from musicians who have poured their blood and tears into music for their whole lives… Instead audition participants with no sense of tune, beat or even basic vocal skills become national stars and dominate the charts and prime time on national television…Our domestic music market is transforming into something that is like rotten junk food.”

He continued his comments by stating “Please feel and judge the music itself…The stuff that you are all listening to right now is just an inferior clown game that is disguised as music. I’ve suddenly become extremely angered….” He finished off by saying “Also I wonder how all these singers with the same rap, the same vocals and similar songs able to receive such a constant of love.”

These are quite venomous complaints coming from a fairly well-known composer and are perhaps not in line with general public opinion in regards to audition programs. But are his complaints completely without merit or is it a valid complaint that is perhaps not worded as nicely as it should be? That will be something that public will decide for themselves I guess.