Lee Hyori’s Arm Allergy Worries Fans

Singer Lee Hyori revealed an allergic reaction on her arm.

The singer uploaded a picture of her arm with the allergic reactions on her Twitter with the caption: “My body is getting angry not adjusting well to the dusty set and long hours of filming. My body got sensitive after I had more of a vegetable intake, what am I to do” on February 25.

After seeing the netizens’ worries, Lee Hyori replied: “I just need to rest at a place with good air without having to go to the hospital or taking medicines. But the problem is that I have no choice but to work in a dirty environment. It is also a good sign that the body reacts to an allergy, it means that my body is healthy.”

Netizens and fans who saw the picture responded with diverse reactions: “You should hurry and go to the hospital” and “Is it a dust allergy?”