miss A’s Sexy Concept Photoshoot with "Nylon"

miss A showed off their sexy and mature style in a recent photoshoot with the fashion magazine, “Nylon.”

In the March issue of “Nylon,” all four members of miss A, Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy, have brought out their sexy and seductive sides that the fans have not seen before. miss A has transformed their usual strong and fierce style into very feminine and girlish looks. All four of them show off their sexy and mature look, each adding their own unique style. Fei’s barefooted photo in a white shirt, in particular, is garnering attention for her sexiness, seductive and dreamy eyes.

In an interview with “Nylon,” Min shared that, “There is one wish this year that must come true, which is for ‘Touch’ to have a huge success.” Suzy shared that in making this new album, it was very hard for her to express a woman deeply hurt by love.

miss A recently made a comeback with their fourth mini-album, “Touch.” If you haven’t yet, check out their comeback interview here.

You can also watch the behind the scenes video of the photoshoot below!