Who Wore It Best: Jung Ryeo Won vs. Park Ha Sun vs. Jessica vs. Jiyeon

The latest hot items, knit tops, are earning much love from female celebrities.

Four female stars is sparking attention from netizens for wearing the same knit top: “History of a Salaryman’s” Jung Ryeo Won, “Highkick The Short Legs Strike Back’s” Park Ha Sun, “Wild Romance’s” Jessica, and “Dream High Season 2’s” Jiyeon.

The knit top is an Eryn Brinie piece. It is gaining popularity for its short length, detail, and lovely color shade. It can display a feminine yet refined look by matching with a high waist skirt, pleats skirt, or a wide pair of pants.

The brand’s official commented, “Just last week three stars all wore the top at the same time so our last week’s sales showed great success. We are pretty sure that the knit top will be sold out very soon.”

So what do you think? Who do you think wore best, Jung Ryeo Won, Park Ha Sun, Jessica, or Jiyeon? Let us know!

Park Ha Sun


Jung Ryeo Won