Shin Se Kyung’s "Vogue" Photo Shoot Captures Male Fans

Fans are in awe of actress Shin Se Kyung’s recent photo shoot.

Shin Se Kyung’s entertainment company, Namoo Actors, just revealed the actress’ fashion magazine “Vogue” photo shoot through their official Facebook account.

In the revealed pictures, Shin Se Kyung is showing off her pure charms and sexy beauty. Her perfect side view is nicely conveyed with her high-bridged nose and her mysterious gaze towards the camera captured every male fans’ hearts.

Netizens who saw Shin Se Kyung’s alluring photo shoot pictures commented, “Shin Se Kyung in the photo shoot is purely a goddess,” “I think Shin Se Kyung got prettier,” “I want to keep Shin Se Kyung’s photo shoot pictures forever in my heart,” and “Shin Se Kyung’s photo shoot is very beautiful.”