Teen Top "We Don’t Have Crazy/Extreme Fans"

Some idol groups are having problems because of extreme and crazy fans but Teen Top states that they don’t have such problems. In an interview with Sports Dong A, Teen Top stated, “We believe that we don’t have extreme fans. We don’t have fans that chase us when we are in cabs. I think our fans know that it makes us uncomfortable and they protect our privacy.

Recently there has been a rise in “extreme” fans. In Korean the word is actually “Sa Seng Fan,” which is short for fans that invade the private lives of celebrities. Usually the label is put on fans that always follow around their favorite celebrities and invade their privacy and human rights.

When Teen Top debuted in 2010 there were many fans that arrived in front of their dormitories, however on public broadcasts and fan meetings they asked fans to cease such activity. Since then, Teen Top fans themselves began to restrict such behavior.