Kim Sa Rang Shows Off Her Shapely Legs in Lecarf Photoshoot

Actress Kim Sa Rang‘s pictures from the latest Lecarf photoshoot are revealed. In the pictures, Kim Sa Rang looks like she’s not wearing anything but her red Lecarf walking shoes. These new walking shoes are Lecarf’s new products for the 2012 S/S season. They are light and well-fitting that when you put them on, it feels like you are not wearing shoes at all. To express such lightness and fitting of the shoes, Lecarf decided on “nude” as the concept of the photoshoot.

In one of the revealed pictures, Kim Sa Rang is laying in a white bathtub with one leg lifted up, creating an illusion that it is her naked body hidden behind the tub. One cannot help but notice Kim Sa Rang’s shapely leg and the bright red shoe. In another photo, Kim Sa Rang is in bed, wrapped in white bed sheets. Again, her legs extend from beneath the sheets. The contrast between white bed sheets and the red shoes make it clear what the product Kim Sa Rang is promoting. 

An official from Lecarf’s PR team commented, “We hoped to express the healthy body and pride of a woman in her 20s and 30s in this photo shoot, and Kim Sa Rang did a fantastic job. We are expecting to attract many female customers through this ‘Kim Sa Rang’s Nude walking shoes’ promotion.”