FT Island Files Lawsuit Against Cosmetic Company

FT Island has filed a lawsuit against a cosmetic company, according to the band’s management agency FNC Entertainment. Local news agencies reported a statement from FNC Entertainment saying, “FT Island has filed a claim for damages from Dereon Cosmetics (brand BaviPhat) at the Seoul Central District Court on February 24.”

The suit came from Barbie Pet’s use of the commercials and images of FT Island beyond the contract period. FT Island was on a six-month contract with Barbie Pet as the brand’s model in Korea beginning April 2011. The contract expired on December 19, but Barbie Pet had continued to use the materials bearing FT Island’s images. Barbie Pet had even used them for advertising in Malaysia, Japan and other Asian countries, which was not part of the agreement.

FNC Entertainment seeks 40 million won (around USD 40,000) in damages per member, bringing the total suit to 200 million won (around USD 200,000) for the five-member band.

FT Island is currently promoting their fourth mini-album “Grown Up,” featuring the title track “Severely.”