Kim Rae Won Denies Involvement in Drunk Disorderly Conduct

After news caught wind of a Mr. Kim, an actor in his 30s, engaging in disorderly conduct while in an extremely drunken state, netizens began suspecting and pointing fingers at actor Kim Rae Won.  To say the least, Kim Rae Won is unable to conceal his shock at such accusations.

An official at his agency announced to Star News on February 27, “I am also curious as to who that actor is.  I am very upset that such a terrible rumor has been spreading as if it was true.  We have even considered suing those who have been spreading such unfounded rumors.”

After successfully finishing SBS drama “A Thousand Days’ Promise” at the end of last year, Kim Rae Won has been preparing to start filming for a new movie next month.  Now, he has no intent to do so.

On the 27th, Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office Senior Prosecutor Park Yoon Hae announced that last October, on an unnamed road in Seoul’s Yeoksam-dong area, a drunk actor Mr. Kim aged 32 got into a dispute that started over some insults.  He was charged without physical detainment.

According to the prosecutors, Mr. Kim was intoxicated while walking down the street last October.  He hurled an insult at a passing vehicle and from there, a fight quickly broke out.  Mr. A, who was sitting in the back seat of the car at the time, accuses Mr. Kim of starting the whole dispute.

Additionally, Mr. Kim was arrested on charges of assaulting the police who were responding to the call.  Adding charges of injury and obstruction of justice to the one of drunken disorderly conduct, things aren’t looking good for this Mr. Kim, whoever he really is.