Past Photos of Dal Shabet’s Subin Revealed

Graduation pictures surface of Dal Shabet’s maknae Subin surfaced, becoming a hot topic. An online community bulletin board revealed the images through a post titled, “Dal Shabet Subin’s Graduation Photos.” The pictures were compared to the five-foot seven-inch tall model that she is today. Her surprising past revealed that she was a native of Guangzhou with a thick accent.

In the photos, Subin wore a bright yellow hoodie and jeans. Her hair was long, flowing, and straight with cute bangs. The photos may have been dated, but she still looked as cute as ever, displaying a “victory” pose for the camera. Her adorable wide-eyed look in the photographs has drawn attention to them.

Netizens reacted to the pictures and made note of the differences in her appearance, “Square jaw, small eyes, low nose, this is really Subin…right?” “Have you always had the power of modeling?” and “These are rather cute, you look so innocent.”

What are your impressions of young Subin?