Lee Byung Hun’s Sister Unveils Wedding Photos

The younger sister of actor Lee Byung Hun, 1996 Miss Korea Lee Eun Hee, released her wedding photos to the public. While the wedding takes place in March, Lee Eun Hee took her wedding photos during a session on February 12. The photos were taken by S Studio representative Eun Sung Bin. She wore an elegant and classic design Black Label dress designed by Lee Myeong Soon for the photo shoot.

Always active and bright, Lee Eun Hee’s cheerful personality helped create an unique and interesting atmosphere during the photo shoot. Apparently, she consistently used her charming aegyo to help ease her groom during the photo shoot. He’s not used to these type of things, after all! She showed a sweet countenence while giving her input on clothes and props.

Lee Eun Hee chose Sunny Plan to direct her wedding. Sunny Plan representative Choi Sunny revealed, “Lee Eun Hee’s wedding is based on a Neoclassic concept. We’re mixing the right amount of reverence and dignity for her wedding. Even though her brother, Lee Byung Hun, has a busy schedule filming for the movie “I Am the King of Chosn,” he has great interest and care for his sister’s wedding concept and plans.” She added, “Lee Byung Hun knows a lot of people in the entertainment industry, so it’s highly likely that many celebrities will attend the wedding.”

Lee Eun Hee and her fiance, who is one year younger than her, have been dating for four years. Their upcoming wedding will take place on March 18 at 5:00 pm at The RAUM located in Gangnam, Seoul.