Park Gyuri As a Paris Princess

The leader of girl group KARA, Park Gyuri, was apparently a cool Parisian in the past. A surprising photo has been released to the public as proof.

In the afternoon of February 27, Park Gyuri uploaded a photo of herself sitting at a quaint little cafe in Paris. She captioned the photo with “When I was in Paris last year. Ah, I really miss that hair color. It works so well with the background, too.”

In the photo, Park Gyuri is wearing a pink trench coat and sky blue skinny jeans. She has some pastel mug sets placed in front of her, which only add the final touches to this photograph. She appears to be calmly admiring the Paris street scene in front of her.

Beside her, you can see a stately dressed older man who appears to work at the cafe leaning casually against the door frame. The smile that plays on his face hints that this is just another day in Paris. One can’t help but smile along with this photo.

Those who have seen this picture have left kind comments such as “Nice work. You’re very cool. Gyuri and Paris go together so well!”