Who is Lee Hyori’s Doppelganger?

A magazine cover photo that was taken during the debut of actress Jo Yoon Hee has been receiving special attention recently. Why? Because there is a striking resemblance with Lee Hyori‘s look from 11 years ago.

After working on MBC Sunday drama “Golden Fish,” Jo Yoon Hee has been working on KBS2’s “Unexpected You” which first aired on February 25. Perhaps due to seeing her face once again after a lengthy hiatus, much attention has been garnered towards a past photo that was uploaded on an internet forum on February 27.

The photo was taken in April of 2001 for the magazine “Cindy the Perky.” While Jo Yoon Hee hasn’t changed all that much since the photo was taken, she certainly does look a lot more childish. Donning dark eyeshadow makeup which was popular at the time, she looks a little tacky but coupled with her long, black hair, it’s hard not to say, “She looks like Lee Hyori.”

Netizens have a lot to say about this comparison. Many comments include, “I thought it was Lee Hyori’s debut photo at first,” “Is it just this photo that bears this resemblance? She really does resemble Lee Hyori,” “Ah, she really is a pretty celebrity,” “I still remember how she always modeled with Go Soo,” “I recall Lee Soo Young‘s music video,” “While watching ‘Unexpected You’ I wondered who the second daughter was since she looked so familiar. Short hair also looks good on her.” Do you see the resemblance?