Jay Park Proposes to Fan But Gets Rejected

Jay Park drew laughter after he proposed to a fan as a way to convince her to get her hair cut but was sadly rejected. On the February 27 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “Korea’s Talk Show *Hello,” Mr. Choi, a father of three daughters brought forward how tough it was for him to get his daughters to cut their hair.

Mr. Choi explained, “My three daughters have not cut their hair since they were born. Every time they wash their hair, they spend too much time in the bathroom, and no one else can use it.” He continued by saying, “The length of their had created complicated and dangerous situations. One day, one of my daughters rode a taxi and got her hair stuck between the doors. Something big could have happened that day.” He then added, “My daughters have barrels of shampoo instead of regular tubes.”

Mr. Choi oldest daughter’s hair is 1m80 long, his second daugther’s hair is 1m70 long , and his youngest of 1m45, which brings the total of their hair length to 4m95. Among his three daughters, one was a big fan of Jay Park, and Mr. Choi asked him to help change his daughter’s mind so she could get her hair cut.

Jay told the girl, “If you cut your hair, I will give you a signed CD and take a picture of you hugging me .” When the girl still wouldn’t change her mind, he attempted, “If you cut your hair, I will marry you.” But Jay Park’s proposal got rejected as the girl answered, “I can’t marry Jaebum Oppa because it would be too burdensome since you are a celebrity,” bringing laughter to the studio.

*”Hello” is new kind of program which aim is to provide answers and help to families’ problems. Celebrities present also try to give their word of advice and find a solution.

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