Brother of Deceased Victim in Daesung’s Traffic Accident Interviewed

With BIGBANG’s comeback approaching Daesung’s controversy has been brought to the spotlight once again by KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Tonight.”

A fifteen minute segment titled, “BIGBANG’s comeback, is it a return that is already forgiven?” aired on a recent episode of the news program. The segment focused on Daesung’s car accident and G-Dragon’s Marijuana scandal and asked whether or not enough time had elapsed between the incidents and the group’s comeback.

Most believe that they already knew the details of both events. But, part of the report revealed some information that differed from the public’s knowledge. 

“Entertainment Tonight” met up with the deceased victim’s mother from the accident involving Daesung. During the interview the mother stated that, “Daesung came to the funeral home once but never visited us at our home afterward,” she added “at the funeral we were unable to see his face and he did not pay the agreed settlement costs.”

These statements began to raise doubts whether Daesung and YG Entertainment ever received forgiveness from the victim’s family. Had everything truly been settled as reported by YG Entertainment? Both parties tell a completely different story. The mother’s account of not being able to see Daesung’s face was especially shocking to many and had created great confusion.

Once the “Entertainment Tonight” episode aired, fans of BIGBANG utilized social network sites to speak out against the program. Many believed that this was a story fabricated by KBS as a negative tactic against YG Entertainment and BIGBANG due to the strained relationship between the entertainment company and the station. The bad blood between the two began back in 2010, when YG Entertainment’s artists were absent from KBS’ end-of-the-year awards shows and did not participate in KBS’ overseas “Hallyu Concert.”

Which side of the story is true? 

E-Daily’s “Star-in” had a chance to interview the victim’s older brother to set the record straight.

Q: What were your reactions to the “Entertainment Tonight” broadcast?

A: “At the time, I wasn’t aware of the episode until people began contacting me about it. I checked the internet and was angered to discover how the broadcast was so one-sided. The episode made my aunt and I look as though we took the settlement money without informing the rest of our family. It projected a misunderstanding that I was a greedy child who stole money from his parents. I have yet to respond formally to this situation, I felt I still needed to do something about it.”

Q: Did the family really not see Daesung? Was everyone unable to see his face?

A: “When Daesung first arrived at the funeral home we all were upset with him. He apologized to us many times asking for us to forgive him. How is it possible that we did not see him? Of course he came and we saw him. Even though the pain I felt for losing my brother was great, it was not Daesung’s responsibility to be blamed for everything. The situation was so complicated. Once I had thought about it rationally I was able to calm my heart enough to converse with Daesung.”

Q: Did your family and YG Entertainment not come to an agreement?

A: “On July 19, 2011, a settlement was agreed upon and we received compensation. Daesung was unable to come personally, but someone representing Daesung did make a trip to our house. At the time of the settlement my mother, father, aunt, and myself were present together. As the parents and family of the victim we were instructed to be present as all was explained to my parents. They were even there to sign the settlement papers.”

Q: Why would the mother of the victim say in an interview that compensation was not received?

A: “As I said before why would a settlement not have been reached? Currently, my mother is very ill. Not long ago she was diagnosed with a brain development disability (grade 6 encephalopathy, which is a global brain dysfunction syndrome). She is very sick right now and because of her condition her memory is not stable. At this time she cannot recall her interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” My father is ill as well.”

Q: Was the illness caused by the death of your brother, her son?

A: “No, it is a chronic illness which she had contracted after undergoing surgery a few years prior. At first she was fine, but due to many hardships and only being able to afford outpatient care, her health began to suffer and is now worse. Now all she can do is stay at home. Even as her son I am a little embarrassed.”

Q: Has your family been experiencing difficulties? The “Entertainment Tonight” report presented that your family is having a tough time.

A: “It is not nearly as bad as it was portrayed on the show. We have plans to move since the area we live in will undergo remodeling and redevelopment in April. The house may have appeared messy, but it is because of our parents’ condition that we have been unable to keep the house tidy and neat.”

Q: Is what Daesung shared on “Healing Camp” the true?

A: “Yes, he was, for the most part, telling the truth. There was nothing wrong with what he said. I was able to watch “Healing Camp” and everything he said was true. Once the settlement was made, I sat down with Daesung for a cup of coffee in the basement of the YG building in Seoul. While there I said to him, “I hope that you will smile brightly and with confidence once again in front of the world.” Even to this day I want to see Daesung do well. After all that has happened, I still consider him to be a young friend.”

Q: Why was it that “Entertaiment Tonight” ignored you (the representative of the family) and met with your mother instead?

A: “I work near Incheon Airport and am constantly called to be on-duty at the company. So, I am always busy and come home late. My aunt is usually the one who comes in and out of our house, but that day she had gone to take care of some errands. “Entertainment Tonight” came to our home at the only time when my parents were home alone and carried on with their interview. It was just poor timing.”