Infinite Set to Release Second Japanese Single Album in April

Infinite plans to promote in Japan this spring with the release of their second album.

The information that Infinite will be releasing another album was revealed through Japan’s most popular music site, Oricon Style. Infinite will be coming to Japan this April with their album, “Be Mine.” The track was originally released on Infintie’s “Over The Top” album in Korea.

Oricon Style revealed that Sweet Tune, the team responsible for Kara‘s hit song “Mister,” produced the song for Infinite. Sweet Tune is a composition team made up of composers Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo.

The single album will be released in Japan on April 18. There will be four different editions available for purchase: a CD+DVD combo (Type A with the theme ”Solid”), two limited edition CDs with separate packages and booklets (Type B with a Pop-art theme and Type C with the “Innocent” theme), and a regular edition. (also will have the “Solid” theme).

Along with “Be Mine”, “Julia” and “Over The Top” will make up the single album’s tracklist. This will be Infinite’s second single as the group released “Before the Dawn” in Japan last year. The song made it into the top three at the #2 spot on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.