Tablo’s "Fever’s End" Album Wins "2011 Album of the Year" from

On February 27 the website “” announced the winner for their “Album of the Year” for 2011. The winner was Tablo’s “Fever’s End.”

After hearing about the news Tablo made a statement, “Thank you for the hip hop fans that gave time for my album, when there were so many other good albums in 2011. I am currently pursuing activities as a song writer at YG Entertainment. Every day I am making music.”

“” is a Korean website that was created for fans of Hip Hop music. The “Hip Hop Playa Awards” have been going on since 2001.

When “Fever’s End” was released it received a lot of attention and swept online music charts. Other celebrities such as Kim Tae Won, Bae Chul Soo, and Go Hyun Jung have said of the album “The album surpasses the Hip Hop genre” and “It is beautiful music.”