Eun Ji Won: “When I Was in Hawaii, I Was an Illegal Alien”

Eun Ji Won appeared on the February 28 episode of KBS 2 “Kim Seung Woo’s Win Win.” Eun Ji Won spoke about being an international student in Hawaii and made a shocking statement, “When I was an international student in Hawaii, I was an illegal alien.”

The reason was that Eun Ji Won did not adjust well to Hawaii and he was going through puberty. He stated, “I had to continue to go to school in order to keep my school visa. However, I missed so many classes that I ended up being expelled from school. That resulted in my becoming an illegal alien.”

Eun Ji Won also spoke about running away from home when he was younger, “I didn’t have places to run away to, so I acted as if I were a guardian of a patient in a hospital. Then one day, my mother called the police and came to the hospital to take me away.”