The Film “Nameless Gangster" Reaches 4 Million Viewers

Choi Min Sik and Ha Jung Woo’s “Nameless Gangster” reached 4 million viewers. On February 28 KOFIC announced that on February 27 “Nameless Gangster” had 47,559 viewers. That puts the total viewers of “Nameless Gangster” at 4,035,230.

“Nameless Gangster” was released on February 2, and within 25 days it has surpassed 4 million viewers. Within 2012 it is the film that has made 4 million viewers within the shortest amount of time.

Here is a basic synopsis of the storyline: In the 1980s of Busan, South Korea a customs official (Portrayed by Choi Min Sik) loses his job. Through a chain of events he ends up joining a young and strong mafia boss. The story follows Choi Min Sik’s character up to President Roh Tae Woo’s “War Against Organized Crime” in 1990.

Check Out the Trailer Below: