Hyun Young Passes Around Her Wedding Invitation

As we reported earlier, Hyun Young made a surprise announcement on her wedding plans, and now she is entering the final stages of preparations.

Sources say, “Though she is very busy, Hyun Young has started to pass around wedding invitations to her close friends and family. Just like a newlywed bride should, her smile never leaves her face.”

The wedding invitation was revealed to be very elegant and classy. It reads, “We are planning to be together forever with love and faith. There will be no greater joy than having you come out of your busy schedules and bless us.” A gold ribbon was added for a nice finishing touch.

Hyun Young will be tying the knot on March 3 at 5PM at the Walker Hill Hotel in Gwangjangdong, Seoul. Her groom-to-be is a finance executive, who is four years older than her. The couple met through mutual friends last March and started a relationship last August.

The wedding will be held privately. Congratulatory songs will be performed by Son Ho Young, Noel, Ali and Sunny Hill, while the ceremony will be hosted by Boom.The couple will travel to Hawaii for seven nights and eight days for their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Hyun Young is currently working a jam-packed schedule by emceeing for “Talk Show No Comment,” “She Did Not Fall For You,” and “God of Food Road.” Even after the wedding, Hyun Young claims that there will be no changes to her lively activities on broadcast.