Girls’ Generation YoonA Blowing a Bubble Gum Bubble

A picture of Girls’ Generation YoonA simply blowing a bubble gum bubble is gaining a lot of attention. The picture was revealed through “UFO Town,” which is a service where text messages can be sent to celebrities who can then, reply in kind.

In the picture YoonA is wearing comfortable clothes. She has makeup on that accentuates her eyes. Also, she is blowing a bubble gum bubble and looks very mischievous.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “YoonA looks cute even when she is merely blowing bubble gum bubbles,” “Her comfortable look is more charming,” and “How can somebody so pretty when they blow bubble gum bubbles?”

Currently YoonA left for Japan’s Hokkaido on February 28 for the filming of the new KBS drama “Love Rain.”