Se7en and Boom Share an Awkward Moment on "Strong Heart"

In a past appearance on SBS Strong Heart,” Se7en had talked about a unique experience with Boom. Se7en and Boom went to the same high school. At the time, Boom was in his 3rd year of high school while Se7en was in his first. Boom asked Se7en to rap for him one day. After Boom heard the rap he made two thumbs down and told Se7en “You Are the Worst, You Are the Worst.”

Se7en made another appearance on “Strong Heart” for the February 28 episode. However, this time around Boom was also on the show. That is why Lee Seung Gi said, “There is somebody who has nervously waited Se7en’s appearance on ‘Strong Heart.’ It is none other than Boom. The two went to Anyang Arts High School together. “

Boom expressed that it had been nearly ten years since the two met. He also stated, “After hearing that Se7en would be on the show yesterday, I could not get any sleep.”

Se7en said, “After we graduated we never met. This is also the first time we are appearing on television together. We don’t even have each other’s contact information.”

Then Boom asked Lee Seung Gi, “There are some things we need to resolve. (Probably talking about Boom telling Se7en that he was the worst in the past) Please tell Se7en that I want to get close to him through ‘Strong Heart.’”

The two shared an awkward hug, and then made a very formal handshake.