BoA Graces The Cover Of High Cut Magazine

BoA was chosen as the “Wanna Be Icon” of ladies in their twenties. She graced the cover and the pages of the March issue of fashion magazine “High Cut.” BoA showed off her charismatic and feminine self through a series of pictures representing womanhood.

She has recently been praised for her exquisite fashion sense by viewers and especially women as she appears as a judge on SBS‘ audition program “K-Pop Star” each week. BoA portrayed the different facets of women in this pictorial. The concept used for the pictorial is the elegance of imperial Russia with vintage accessories from the brand “Epitaph.”

In the first picture which is the magazine cover, BoA opted for minimal make up and her hair doesn’t appear to have been styled (even though it was the case), representing youth and natural style in women.

The next picture is about charisma and self-confidence. BoA went for a vintage marine jacket and golden strap heels. She is gazing strongly into the camera, one leg on the other and touching her lower lip in a sexy manner as if she is saying “What are you looking at?”

Sporting the marine look, BoA is wearing a white jersey sleeveless top and white nylon pants with black motifs. She chose to match with a vintage marine black hat and bangles. BoA’s intense gaze and nonchalant attitude makes the overall look alluring.

Last but not least, BoA is standing with one hand on her waist, and doing the infamous legs crossed pose often seen on fashion podiums and on the Red Carpet. She is wearing a short sleeved gold and cream mini dress with Russian knitted patterns.