City Hunter Lee Min Ho Is Considering the Drama "Faith" Not Cast Yet

There were rumors that Lee Min Ho would be appearing in the drama “Faith.” (Sin Eui) On February 28 an article even appeared with the rumor. However, the news came as a surprise to both Lee Min Ho and his representatives. Lee Min Ho is currently in Hong Kong. He had left for Hong Kong on February 27 in order to film a commercial film.

Lee Min Hos’ agency stated on February 28, “Lee Min Ho has received many offers and is in the process of carefully reviewing them. ‘Sin Eui’ is a drama that he has been considering but we did not know an article would appear. Currently Lee Min Hos is very busy with fan meetings and filming commercials in Hong Kong. He will decide on his next project when he returns to South Korea.”

A representative of Lee Min Ho’s agency also stated, “Lee Min Ho will probably spend busy days in Japan and China until the end of March. He will greet you on screen with a good project within the year, so we ask that you wait a little bit more.”

Lee Min Ho will return to South Korea early March.