KARA Park Gyuri Expresses her Anxiety Following Vocal Cord Surgery

On February 21, KARA’s Park Gyuri underwent surgery to remove the nodule and polyps found in her vocal cords. While she assured her fans that she was ok following the surgery, Gyuri left another tweet today and expressed her anxiety.

She tweeted, “Why is my neck so tense…At this point, I think I’ll be so afraid to make any sound that no sound will come out when I try…” 

Gyuri has been having problems with her vocal cords since last November, and doctors have been urging her to undergo the surgery immediately. After postponing the surgery for several months because of her activities, she finally took the well-deserved time off to get the surgery and recover.

Netizens commented, “It’s probably because you worried too much! Cheer up! Everthing will be ok~” “Get well soon,” “Don’t worry, everything will be ok,” and more.