Yoon Gye Sang Favorably Reviewing Movie Deal in Favorable Light

Actor Yoon Gye Sang might come back to the big screen with the upcoming film, “The Suspect.” An official from Yoon Gye Sang’s agency told OSEN, “He is looking at the deal in a favorable light. We are currently discussing the details of the contract.” Although Showbox Media Plex, the co-producing, investing, and distributing company of the film, stated that the two parties are only discussing with nothing determined yet, casting of Yoon Gye Sang to the movie appears well assured.

“The Suspect” is an action film about an ex-secret agent who escaped from North Korea. He becomes the main suspect in a murder case and his attempts to find the one who is really responsible for the crime. Producer Won Shin Yeon of “A Bloody Aria” and “Seven Days” will be in charge of the movie. “The Suspect” is Showbox Media Plex’s big project in 2012. They have committed almost 10 billion won (about $89m), claiming to be the Korean equivalent to Hollywood’s “Bourne series.” 

Yoon Gye Sang previously played a mysterious man who goes back and forth between North and South Korea in film “Poongsan.” Yoon Gye Sang’s acting in “Poongsan” was highly praised by fans and critics. Many excited fans are already anticipating his transformation into an action hero in “The Suspect.” 

Yoon Gye Sang is currently playing the role of an eccentric and yet sensitive physician in “High Kick 3: The Short Legs Strike Back.”