Moon Geun Young to Graduate from College This Fall

Actress Moon Geun Young will graduate from college this fall. An official from Moon Geun Young’s agency Namoo Actors stated, “Moon Geun Young applied to return to school this coming semester.” 

Moon Geun Young is currently a senior at Sung Gyun Gwan University with only one semester left to graduate. She took several semesters off from school to pursue her acting career, and therefore, her graduation has been delayed. An official from her agency commented, “Moon Geun Young has only eight credits left to complete. As the anticipated workload is not too much, she might be able to participate in a movie or drama during the semester.”

Previously, Moon Geun Young drew much attention by choosing to major in liberal arts unlike many other celebrities who study media and entertainment related subjects. Even during her busy career, Moon Geun Young diligently attended school and even went to New York to work on her English in September 2011. 

While Moon Geun Young was pursuing her academic career, many fans could not help but miss her as an actress as she has not appeared in any TV shows or movies for over a year. Namoo Actors commented, “Moon Geun Young’s comeback has been delayed as we were being very careful in choosing her next big project. But you will be able to see her this year.”