Lee Da Hae Finds New Management

On February 29, Forestar Entertainment Company announced that the company has signed an exclusive contract with actress Lee Da Hae. Earlier this year, Lee Da Hae’s previous contract expired, and many big entertainment agencies competed to recruit her. Of all available options, Lee Da Hae chose to go with Forester Entertainment Company, which has successfully expanded business in China recently. 

Lee Da Hae stated, “I’ve known the CEO of Forestar Entertainment Company for almost 10 years since my debut. He’s been supportive of me and my career all along, giving me appropriate advices from time to time. This allows me to trust him and the company. The new management company’s know-how in foreign markets will allow me to pursue both domestic and international activities at the same time.” 

With the help of her new management company, Lee Da Hae will soon begin her career in China by appearing in TV shows and commercials. She plans on advancing to Hollywood in the future as well. An anonymous influential figure in Korean entertainment business commented, “Forestar Entertainment Company’s business in foreign markets and Lee Da Hae’s position as the rising Hallyu star will create a huge synergy effect.” 

CEO Bae Kyung Ryul of Forestar Entertainment Company explained, “Many korean actors and actresses attempt to pursue foreign markets but often struggle because of language. However, Lee Da Hae has been diligently preparing to enter foreign markets and is fluent in Chinese and English. This will allow us to pursue a global project as soon as possible.”  

Lee Da Hae has been taking a break from acting since her last appearance in MBC “Miss Ripley.” She recently drew much attention by appearing on SBS “Running Man.”