Super Junior’s Shindong Reveals Girlfriend for First Time?

On February 29, Super Junior’s Shindong teased his fans with a photo of what looked to be his girlfriend. With a photo that only showed the back of the person (and a pony tail), Shindong tweeted, “Did I hide too much? People are saying if my girlfriend is an existing person. Now, I’d like to reveal her. From her back first. If you show a lot of interest, I’ll show the front, too. Pretty, pretty. Your back is lovely, too.”

After seeing the photo, netizens commented, “Your girlfriend looks great even from the back,” “Show us the front, too,” “Isn’t that Kim Tae Won?”

However, it turns out the netizens were right, as just moments later, Shindong updated his twitter with another photo. He shared a photo taken with none other than Kim Tae Won, with the caption that read, “Since you guys are so curious, I’ll unveil the front! Ta dah! Man, you guys are so quick! You’re right! It is Kim Tae Won sunbaenim! We just finished the first recording of ‘Beatles Code Season 2’ today! Now, I’m also part of the MC line?”

Meanwhile, Shindong and Kim Tae Won will co-host Mnet’s “Beatles Code Season 2.” They finished recording of the first episode on February 29. The first show will air on March 8.