Lee Hyori’s Unusual Nickname

It turns out that the guitarist Lee Sang Soon has an unusual nickname for his girlfriend Lee Hyori. He likes to call her, “dog poo.”

Lee Hyori was a guest at the 10 year anniversary special of KBS2’s “Happy Together 3” and stated, “If he calls me Hyori, everyone will notice us. That is why he calls me ‘dog poo.'”

This recent episode proved that Lee Hyori still has her amazing sense of humor and variety show character skills. Whenever another guest or host on the show asked about her boyfriend, she humorously replied, “We are separated.” This was in order to avoid detailed questions about her boyfriend. However, sometimes people would misunderstand and wonder about their situation. In this case, Hyori would honestly answer that they are dating well.

Hyori also previously confessed that she envied Eugene (from S.E.S), who got married to the actor Ki Tae Young, and said that she had to find a boyfriend really soon, making everybody around her laugh.