Kara’s Goo Hara Shows Her Sexy Side in Latest MV

The hottest news among Kara fans lately has been Goo Hara’s stunning transformation into a sexy vixen. In the “Speed Up” MV that was released on February 28, the cute and adorable Hara we’re used to seeing was nowhere to be found.

Instead, she showed up with heavy smoky makeup, wearing a black shirt and super short hot pants, a look which netizens have been quick to dub as “Asia’s Beyonce.” In particular, it seems like Hara added some much needed weight to give a more mature and sexy look that we haven’t seen in her previous albums.

Netizens who saw the MV commented, “Now, Goo Hara also added the sexy engine to her arsenal,” “Those are some serious honey thighs,” “She’s got a God-given bodyline.”

How do you like Hara’s new look?