IU Transforms into a Pickpocket for "Salamander Guru" Cameo

IU will be making a cameo appearance on the SBS sitcom, “Salamander Guru.” She will transform into a pickpocket on the episode that will air on March 2. She will steal Won Sam’s (played by Lim Won Hee) wallet.

Here is a brief summary of the episode [SPOILER ALERT]:

Won Sam enters a shop to buy some donuts where he spots a very cute girl, IU. When he bumps into her, he loses his mind while watching IU’s smile. Only when he came back to his senses and went to pay for his donuts, did he realize that IU was a pickpocket who stole his wallet.

Won Sam rushes to tell Sun Dal (played by Oh Dal Soo), who is the owner of the wallet that his wallet is missing. During this exchange, Sun Dal received a text from his bank saying that there has been a withdrawal of 5 million won (about 5,000 USD) in cash. At the same time, he received a thank you call from an orphanage for making a donation. Won Sam and Sun Dal are alarmed as they start to search for IU.

When Won Sam found IU at a shopping mall, IU got away by making a commotion. When they encountered again, she escaped them again by lying and saying, “I stole the wallet because of my mother’s hospital bills.”

Sources from SBS say, “Despite the cold weather, IU gave a great singing performance during filming. The staff, who were working overnight, found great joy in watching her performance.”

Don’t forget to check out IU’s cameo soon!