MC Mong has returned from his brief trip to the States and is facing his last court hearing in mid-March. We reported earlier that singer Kim Jang Hoon sent MC Mong on vacation to America to rest and take a break from this hard-pressing situation that has lasted for about a year and four months.

The final verdict was given in November of last year. Although MC Mong was acquitted for charges of military service law violations, he was found guilty of an unlawful interference with an officer in the execution of his duty. Therefore, he was sentenced to six months of prison, one year of probation and 120 hours of service.

However, MC Mong must return to the courts in March due to the prosecution objecting MC Mong’s appeals. Sources say, “He is in an endless time of darkness. After the March hearing, I think things will finally start to wind down. He is still not even thinking of returning to broadcast or the entertainment industry.”

Footage of MC Mong, who enjoyed the height of his popularity through the variety show, “1N2D,” was briefly shown at the last episode that aired on February 26. Many have noticed this and posted on the show’s forums, “It was good to reminisce about MC Mong as I watched the last episode. I hope he will return soon,” and “I only have a sorrowful heart for MC Mong. I want to tell him that he suffered a lot and I want to thank him as well.”