T-ara’s Hwayoung, Nine Muses’ Euaerin and Sera Celebrate Korean Independence Movement Day

Happy Korean Independence Movement Day! Today is March 1, which is a national holiday in Korea, that celebrates the start of the independence movement from Imperial Japan in 1919. Many celebrities are probably enjoying some well-deserved time off. 

Here, we see a few girl group members sharing their thoughts about the holiday through their Twitter accounts. Thus, netizens are naming them “gae nyum-dols,” meaning that they are idols who are thoughtful and deep.

On March 1, T-ara’s Hwayoung posted on her Twitter, “The flag is waving with the wind. I want to hang a flag too,” along with a selca. Currently, the members of T-ara are in Japan to promote the Japanese version of “Roly Poly” but Hwayoung didn’t forget to celebrate this holiday. 

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Nine Muses’ Sera also posted on her Twitter, “Today is March 1. Has everyone put up their flags? I woke up extra early this morning to put up the flag with my mom!” She posted a picture that showed her putting up the flag. 

Nine Muses’ Euaerin posted, “Today is March 1! Hurray for Korea’s independence!” along with a picture of her holding a flag. She also posted, “Everyone, please don’t overdrink today! I am going to practice for my come back.” Since March 1 is a holiday, many chose to drink and play. Euaerin then posted a funny picture of her on a scooter.

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External from soompi image

Netizens were pleased to see these tweets, calling the girls, “gae nyum-dols” and especially praising Euaerin for her fun personality.