Stars Attend VIP Premiere of "Gabi"

On the evening of March 6, the VIP premiere of “Gabi” was held at the CGV theaters in Seoul.

“Gabi” (or “Russian Coffee“) is a historical mystery thriller about Illichi (played by Joo Jin Mo), who is Russia’s best sniper and dual spy, Tanya (played by Kim So Yeon), who is a barista as well as the possessor of the key to Kim Gojong’s assassination, Sadako (played by Yoo Sun), who has left her home country to live in Japan and Gojong (played by Park Hee Soon), who is the last king to reign and the first king to ever taste coffee in the Joseon era.

Top stars such as Jang Dong Gun, Park Si Yeon, Han Jung Soo, Chi Chi, Jeon Hye Bin, Yoo Hae Jin, ALi and others attended the VIP premiere. The film will hit theaters on March 15.

Check out the photos below:

ALiSoul songstress ALi gives off an elegant look in a long, dark tan coat with a funky silk scarf.

Chi Chi
Girl group Chi Chi make rounds at the premiere in their best fashion.

Gong Hyung Jin
Gong Hyung Jin waves hello in a black/gray outfit.

Han Jung Soo
Han Jung Soo looks handsome in that fedora – check out those Nike running shoes!

Hong Suk Chun
Hong Suk Chun is said to be donning “idol fashion” on this night – check out that huge gold chain and those metallic silver kicks!

Jang Dong Gun
Jang Dong Gun was the talk of the night – he looks like he lost some weight but it may be because of the black/dark gray attire.

Jeon Hye Bin
Jeon Hye Bin shows off her long, shapely legs in those royal blue, high-wasted shorts paired with those hot pink, suede wedges.

Jin Goo
Actor Jin Goo looks like he’s ready for spring in his Burberry coat.

Kim Sung Eun
Kim Sung Eun’s green blazer really drew eyes along with her colorful scarf.

Lee Tae Sung
Lee Tae Sung looks dashing in a black peacoat, skinny khakis and red New Balances.

Park Si Yeon
Park Si Yeon gives a seductive glance at the cameras as she poses in her pink, high-waisted shorts and her multi-colored, open-toed heels.

Shin Ji Soo
Actress Shin Ji Soo is ready for spring as well in a simple two-toned pastel colored jacket, denim cutoffs and yellow oxford wedges.

Yoo Hae Jin
Yoo Hae Jin flashes a big smile!

Check out the day/night outfits for the leading lady, Kim So Yeon!

Yoo Sun
Also the day/night outfits for supporting actress, Yoo Sun.

The cast of “Gabi.”

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