[Exclusive] BEG’s Miryo Answers Questions from Soompiers!

Hey Soompiers,

The answers are in! You asked the questions, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo has thoughtfully given her responses! Want to know which K-Pop star Miryo hopes to collaborate with, her most memorable moments with her fellow Brown Eyed Girls, or her advice on how to fall asleep? Check out this fun interview, courtesy of Nega Network, Miryo, and you guys!

Q. Where do you imagine yourself in the next eight years? (namwaanpk)

A. Eight years later, I guess I will still be in Korea, or maybe in the US. By then I think I’ll be married and have children as well. But I think I’ll be living in either Korea or the US.

Q. Which idol in the K-Pop industry would you like to collaborate with and why? (Asian_X)

A. From idol singers, there are a lot of people I would like to work with. But it’s not like I can work with them by mentioning their names.. But just recently, SHINee’s Key told me he also wanted to work with me and that we should get together some day. So I thought about collaborating with Key in the future and I think it’s going to be fun.

Q. What and when is your most memorable moment with BEG members? (JoInforever)

A. I would have to say the early part of our career when we just debuted. We used to go eat dduk bokk ee (spicy rice cake), do shopping, and watch movies together. That’s when we were really innocent and it remains in my memories the most.

Q. I bought your album! What do you feel about starting this solo album? (elchamss)

A. The fact that I can do the type of music I really want to is the most happy and thankful thing about this album. But being a solo artist…I don’t think I put too much thought into being a solo artist. It’s a position that requires a lot of responsibilities and I really admire and respect all the solo artists.

Q. What do you do when you can’t sleep? (nani_hanani)

A. When I can’t fall asleep, I do everything possible to put be to sleep. For example, I heard sprinkling aroma scent spray on your pillow causes sleep, so I tried that. I also tried changing my curtains to really dark colors. I even put a patch over my eyes. Whatever that’s supposed to work, I tried it all, because I have to do it.

Q. What type of music, other than pop and electronic, would you like to present in the future? (Ashihana)

A. Well, for now, my music is based on pop, with a combination of rock and electronic mixed in. At least for now, I’m most into that type of music, and that’s why I came up with it. But I’m not sure what kind of music I’ll start to like in the future. So I think I’ll come back with the music I’m most influenced by and what I like the most by then.

Q. What is the significance of JOHONEY? Do you like yoo ja cha (citron tea)? ^_^ ! (elchamss)

A. JOHONEY stands for, well, my last name is Jo, so that’s where the JO comes from. HONEY comes from Honey Family (Miryo’s former group). So I tried to give specialmeanings by combining the two words. But it happens to have an easy pronunciation, too, so even foreigners find it easy to pronounce. If I had to add more, it also means that I want to become the honey for all of you. That’s what JOHONEY means. Oh, and I really like yoo ja cha.

Congratulations to namwaanpk, Asian_X, JoInforever, elchamss, nani_hanani, and Ashihana! Hope you guys enjoyed Miryo’s answers to your questions! Be sure to support Miryo’s awesome solo project, Miryo AKA JoHoney!

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