Upcoming Drama "Fashion King" Holds Press Conference

On March 14, the press conference for the upcoming drama, “Fashion King” was held. The dazzling cast made up of Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Yuri and Lee Jae Hoon were all gathered for the drama’s first kick-off event.

“Fashion King” is expected to be a brand new twist to your typical young adult drama. Instead of a college campus, the drama is set on the streets of the Dongdaemum markets. Instead of a twenty-something’s romance, the drama has reoccurring themes of reality and ambitions. If past young adult dramas have been compared with romantic graphic novels, you can say that “Fashion King” is closer to a reality show.

Lee Jae Hoon emphasized that although “Fashion King” has the typical love story components, it is completely different in that each character strongly tries to find one’s self through their work, ambitions and dreams. 

Yoo Ah In stated, “On the outside, it may be easy to view the drama as going along with the trend but if you look deeper inside, you can find melodrama. You can even say that this drama will be more of a melodrama than a romantic comedy.”

“Fashion King” also boasts a variety of characters. There are no ordinary characters in this drama. Yoo Ah In shared his thoughts on how he needed to be in an arrogant mindset in order to properly portray his tough guy character. Yuri also shared her difficulties in getting in sync with her character. She said, “Above all, I tried to find myself in my character. Many of those around me helped me out a lot. I observed and monitored myself a lot. I had countless meetings with the PD in order to more strongly pull out the emotions of the character.

With each of the cast members being representatives of TV, film and the music business, anticipation is all the more rising. Yoo Ah In and Lee Jae Hoon are acknowledged stars in the movie business. Shin Se Kyung was wildly popular in dramas and Yuri is part of one of the leading K-Pop groups, Girls’ Generation

A whiff of professionalism was already in the air. Yoo Ah In boasted, “We are young actors but we are not amateurs. We are all people who know what is important when it comes to acting. We are making this project our number one priority and controlling our emotions accordingly.”
Shin Se Kyung stated, “For a long time, I went with the current, without much say. I think I’ve been living without much thoughts. But Yoo Ah In was different. He never lost his own opinions because of the outside eye. I thought that part of him was very attractive and I think you can find that side of him in his acting and his character as well.”

Finally, Yuri shared her thoughts on competing with her fellow Girls’ Generation member, YoonA. YoonA is currently filming for the upcoming drama, “Love Rain.” Yuri said, “I’ve been asking many friends, who already had experience in acting, for advice. We talk and encourage and cheer each other on. I don’t really have much competitive juices in me. I would like it if the viewers would watch ‘Fashion King’ but even if they change the channel, they will be watching Girls’ Generation nevertheless so in our perspective, it’s a win/win situation. I wish success for the both of us.”
Check out some of the photos from the press conference below. As much as this is a drama about fashion, the main cast were decked out in their best. Shin Se Kyung’s midriff-baring two-piece dress and Yuri’s figure-highlighting navy dress were the talk of the night.

“Fashion King” will air its first episode on March 19.

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