Who Wore It Better: IU vs. Lee Hyori vs. Go Jun Hee

Fashion holics, welcome to a new edition of WWIB!

Let’s see what we have today.

A trio of gorgeous ladies, actress Go Jun Hee, the nation’s little sister IU and sexy queen Lee Hyori.

Same outfit, different feel, one look each.

The three ladies wore an embroidered mini dress inspired from traditional Indian embroidery from designer Manish Arora.

The dress was first shown last September for the Fashion Week in Paris where Manish Arora presented his new Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Actress Go Jun Hee wore the dress for the press conference of her new movie “Doomsday Book” on March 12. She chose to wear a short sleeved black leather top above the Manish Arora embroidered mini dress to give the oufit a more elegant feel since it was a press event. She wore the skirt version or the longer version of the embroidered dress. To match the outfit and the top, she chose black leaher ankle kill heel boots. She also accessorized the look with a silver bangle and a colorful embroidered bracelet. She went for minimal make up, foundation, thick eyeliner, mascara and a red-ish lustre lipstick. Hair wise, she sported her hair down.

Let’s see what IU got for us.

IU wore the dress for the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on February 22. She didn’t wear the dress alone as she added something else to it which adds to the overall cute look. IU opted for a beige frou frou skirt underneath the dress to complete the look. IU didn’t wear any particular accessories or jewelry, probably to give off a more natural look. She wore her hair tied into a neat bun with an embroidered hairband. She chose “less over more” make up comprised of BB cream, thin eyeliner and a natural pink glossy lipstick. She opted for nude beige stiletto high heels.

Now, the last look.

Lee Hyori was seen wearing the Manish Arora embroidered dress in the February 20 issue of fashion pictorial of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. She wore the dress as it was made, without leggings or a short skirt underneath as seen on IU which gives the look a sexy feel. She accessorized the dress with  a lip shaped necklace and colorful bangles and rings. She also went for minimal make up with foundation, powder, thin eyeliner and a fresh pink rouge. As for her hair, she let her hair down styled in a natural manner as if she didn’t  brush it. She matched the dress with a pair of pastel pink wedge sandals. Lee Hyori focused on revealing a sexy and feminine look.

Originally, as seen during the Paris Fashion Week where Manish Aurora presented the dress, the dress was meant to be worn with a pair of matching leggings.

Go Jun Hee, IU and Lee Hyori wore the same outfit for three different events and thus produced three different looks. Go Jun Hee carefully chose how to make the dress look elegant for a chic look shown at a press conference whereas IU chose to highlight the cute and adorable look of the dress, making the overall look girly focused. Lee Hyori showed off yet another style as opposed to IU who added a dress to the Manish Arora embroidered dress and Go Jun Hee who opted for a leather top, as she wore the dress as it was made, in other words, making the mini dress appear very short. But she bended her knees a little so it’s not noticeable. Lee Hyori gave the dress a sexy look through the way she chose to wear it.

Go Jun Hee

(-) I would have loved the overall look if it was worn with another dress/skirt but with a designer dress of Manish Arora, with Indian embroideries I think it’s a pity to hide the potential of the embroidered outfit with a short sleeved black leather top. Also, I don’t think the black leather was a necessary addition to the dress/skirt. It’s a dress made for the Spring/Summer collection, for me the addition of the top and black leaher ankle kill heel boots completely hid the full potential of the dress and look. It contrasts too much.

(+) I love the accessories, make up and hair but can’t help but imagine how good the dress would have looked on her if we had the chance to see all of it, not just the skirt part. The silver bracelet was a nice addition.


(-) Not a fan of the nude heels. The nude beige stiletto high heels are fine and would really look great with the dress IF the color chosen wasn’t nude. It just blends too much with the dress and her skin color. How about light pink stilettos high heels instead?

(+) I absolutely love how she styled her hair, the cute bun and hairband as well as the light make up. I also love the fact that she didn’t wear accessories, the natural and cute look really suits IU.

Lee Hyori

(-) The hair. I think the styling was too simple, especially for a photo shoot and this pictorial in particular. Her hair looked great in the other pictures of this pictorial. Something more original for the hair would have been better.

(+) The shoes and the accessories. A pair of  pastel pink wedge sandals were a good choice especially since the dress is from the Spring/Summer collection. The color matches the dress and spices up the overal look. What is better than sandals to scream summer? And the lip shaped necklace.

Time is up! You have to make up your mind. So who wore it better? Tell us who and why in the comments!

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