Ha Ji Won Shows off Variety Show Skills on "Running Man"

Ha Ji Won appeared on the episode of SBSRunning Man” that was broadcast on March 18. She appeared with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. This episode of “Running Man” went with the concept of a sports competition and the title was “The 1st Running Man Sports Competition.”

Ha Ji Won teamed up with Leessang’s Gary and played badminton. Ha Ji Won cared about Gary’s well-being and all the other “Running Man” members were envious.

Also, during the episode Ha Ji Won showed off her variety show skills. (In Korea, being funny on a variety show is called a skill in itself.) When Yoo Jae Suk asked Ha Ji Won’s age, Ha Ji Won replied with “Oppa~ Just keep driving~” in a cute way. Also, when she saw Yoo Jae Suk take off his glasses, she acted completely shocked exclaiming “You look like a completely different person!”