Go Hyun Jung Wants Big Bang and 2PM as Guests on "Go Show"

On March 27, SBS held a press conference for Go Hyun Jung’s talk show program, “Go Show.” Yoon Jong Shin, Jung Hyung Don, Kim Young Chul, producer Suh Hye Jin were present at the conference.

Go Hyun Jung expressed that she had always wanted to host a talk show and that it was a great avenue to meet and get to know many different people.

She noted that she had always thought that filming dramas or movies were much more difficult than hosting a talk show, but after her first taping of “Go Show,” she changed her perspective regarding hosting talk shows.  She even thought that perhaps she had made the wrong decision to host the show.

The first show airs on April 6 and will have Jo In Sung and Chun Jung Myung as its first guests. The pair are commonly known as “Go Hyun Jung’s Boys,” infamous for being close friends to the actress. Gil will also make an appearance as one of the first guests of the show.

The actress also expressed that she would like to have idol stars such as Big Bang or 2PM as guests on her show as she has a great respect for these hardworking idols who work long hours to achieve their world-wide success.

The actress extended her thanks to three MCs who helped her during the taping of the show: “Because the tapings are quite long, I didn’t know what topics to talk about and Hyung Don, who sat beside me, really helped me, as well as the others.”  She also noted that she received help from Kim Young Chul.

When asked if she has any concerns if her role as a talk show host could damage her image as an actress, she confidently replied that, “As a talk show host, speaking your mind and honestly conveying your thoughts does not detract from an actor’s image.”

Also adding, “If I had to choose – to live elegantly and prim or to live freely and honestly…I guess I would have to consider this more, but I would like to show everyone who I am.  Although my image could suffer, I don’t think the writers and producers would ever create a negative image for me on the show.”

“Go Show” is a unique talk show in which there are celebrity guests who will audition and show their hidden talents, while the hosts of the show will act as judges. The first episode airs on April 6 at 11pm.

Go Hyun Jung and the MCs of

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