Under the Radar – Yellow City

옐로우 시티 (Yellow City)
숨사운드 (Sum Sound)
Formed: 2010
Debut: April 2012
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yellowcity2011/info
Naver fan cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/yellowcity2012.cafe


장현준 (Jang Hyun Joon)
Position: Vocal, lyricist, composer, AC Guitar
Born: October 26, 1987
Physique: 177cm, 67kg
Education: 명지대학교 (Myongji University)

지민기 (Ji Min Gi)
Electric Guitar
Born: May 19, 1987
Physique: 181cm, 65kg
Education: 명지대학교 (Myongji University)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinGI.Ji

김현지 (Kim Hyun Ji)
Born: April 27, 1989
Physique: 167cm, 47kg
Education: 동덕여대 (DongDuk University)

야마토 시미즈 (Yamato Shimizu)
Born: July 7, 1987
Physique: 170cm, 60kg
Education: Nagasaki University (Speech and Language Therapist major) 


An appealing voice, exceptional skills and armed with a heavy new sound, alternative rock band Yellow City released their first single album on April 2. Yellow City consists of vocalist Jang Hyun Joon, Japanese drummer Yamato Shimizu, guitarist Ji Min Gi and female bassist Kim Hyun Ji. Their five track single album consists of three vocal tracks and two instrumental tracks. Three music videos accompany the single, each displaying a different feel to each unique song. The powerful vocal and energetic live drum give off a soothing and mellow ambiance.

Yellow City lists their influences as Oasis, ColdPlay, Beatles, U2, and Sigur Ros and their musical genre as ‘British-pop alternative.’ Band Soul Summit’s leader and guitarist helped to produce their single, making it even more bold and expressive as it already is.

Their first radio program appearance is set for KBS Chuncheon’s “Musical Journey” on April 13 at 6PM.


개화(開化) (Blossom)
Released: 2012.04.02



Sources: Yellow City’s Facebook, Yellow City’s Naver Fan Cafe, Nate Video


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