Lim Si Wan Shows Success in His First Sitcom "Standby"

ZE:A Lim Si Wan’s first attempt at sitcom acting has ended successfully.

On April 9, the first episode of the new MBC daily sitcom, “Standby” had aired. Lim Si Wan appeared as a popular high school student, who is talented in studying, sports and music. 

During this episode, Lim Si Wan spots his mother’s fiance, Ryu Jin Heng, on a date with someone else. In front of his mother, Lim Si Wan is polite to Ryu Jin Heng but upon her absence, he turns cold and mean.

Ryu Jin Heng attempts to buy Lim Si Wan’s favor by offering him a Girls Generation autograph. But to that, Lim Si Wan asked, “Who is Girls Generation,” pretending not to be interested. Then Ryu Jin Heng continued to ask, “Then do you like male groups? Do you want an autograph from Children of Empire (ZE:A)?” Lim Si Wan then answered, “What empire are they from, the Roman empire?” 

In the past, Lim Si Wan successfully marked his first attempts into acting through dramas like “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and “Equator Man.” Therefore, people were even more highly anticipating Lim Si Wan’s sitcom appearance.

After his successful first episode of “Standby,” many are waiting to see more of him in the future.

***Watch the show by clicking on the blue tab on the top right corner of the image below***

***Watch the show by clicking on the blue tab on the top right corner of the image***