New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 April Week 2

SISTAR mini-album Vol. 1 – Alone (released)

01 Come Closer
02 Alone

03 No Mercy
04 Lead Me
05 Girls on Top
06 I Choose to Love You
07 Alone Inst.
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The long wait is now over for SISTAR fans! SISTAR has returned this month with their first mini-album, “Alone.” Korea’s top “taste makers” such as the Brave Brothers and Rovin have come together for the girl group’s latest work. The title track is “Alone,” a Brave Brothers production with dreamy and addictive beats and melodies. Another notable track is “Lead Me,” a medium-tempo R&B number with groovy, hip-hop rhythms. SISTAR’s sexy vocals flow well with the beats of this song.

Girl’s Day 2nd mini-album – Everyday II (released)
01 Two of Us
02 Oh! My God
03 Don’t Flirt!
04 Telepathy
05 Oh! My God Inst.
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Girl’s Day finally makes a comeback after eight months with a new mini-album, “Everyday II.” The album includes three new songs including the title track, “Oh! My God” as well as previously released single, “Don’t Flirt.” The girls hope to show a more mature side to them in addition to their usual cute, bright, and sexy image. The title track, “Oh! My God” was composed by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, who have also created Secret’s hit number, “Starlight Moonlight.” It is an electronic number with an addictive melody.

MC Sniper Vol. 6 – Full Time (released)

01 Stand Up
02 David
03 Job Korea
04 I Can Do It (With Yiruma)
05 Push It (feat. Illinit)

06 Letter to Heaven
07 Life (feat. Woong San)
08 I Get Back Up Again
09 I Was Always More Sad Parting With a Man than a Woman (feat. Park Wan Kyu)
10 Drive (feat. Ugly Picture, Hyemi)
11 Non Hyun Rhapsody
12 Piano (feat. Lia)
13 Absinthe
14 Mirror Me (feat. Hwana, Hyemi)
15 Call Me (feat. Skull, Jijo, Deegie, Minos, Bido Seungwoo, Joosuc)
16 Defective Goods (feat. Dead`P)
17 Better Days (feat. Snipersound)
18 Art of Death (feat. MC Meta)
19 Turn Around
20 I Can Do It (Song Version) (With Kim Ji Soo)
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MC Sniper returns after three years with his sixth studio album titled, “Full Time.” The rapper hopes to come before fans with more powerful music and lyrics. There are two title tracks in this album – “I Can Do It” and “Push It.” The former track is a collaboration with pianist Yiruma, while the latter song features Illinit.

Yoon Il Sang – I’m 21st (released)

Disc 1
01 Remember (feat. Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls) (JK Kim Dong Wook)
02 Affection (Lyn)
03 Reminiscence (Super Junior KRY)
04 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (No Brain)
05 Sorrow (10cm)
06 Steal Way (Lee Eun Mi)
07 Only You Don’t Know (Gain)
08 I’m Missing You (Paul Potts)
09 I Love a Lover (Kim Bum Soo)
10 Life You Can’t Know (feat. Jo PD, PDIS) (Kim Gun Mo)

Disc 2
01 [The Piano] National Anthem
02 Fate
03 Love Is
04 Don’t Know Anything
05 My First Song
06 City in the Dark
07 Victory Song
08 Nearer, My God, to Thee
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Since January of this year, top singers along the likes of 10cm, Super Junior KRY, Kim Bum Soo, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain took part in reinterpreting Yoon Il Sang’s songs to celebrate his 21st anniversary in the music industry. This album consists of ten reinterpreted tracks as well as piano instrumentals personally performed and arranged by Yoon himself.

Lee Seung Gi – The Best (April 18)

01 Because You’re My Woman
02 White Lie
03 Give It All
04 Love Teaches You Alcohol (feat. Baek Chan of 8eight)
05 Will You Marry Me (feat. Bizniz)
06 Like the First Time, Like Back Then (feat. Kang Min Kyung of Davichi)
07 Words Hard to Say
08 Please
09 Story I Didn’t Finish Yet

10 Delete
11 Smile Boy 2010
12 Mouth Shape
13 Let’s Break Up

14 I Must Have Been Out of My Mind
15 Leave For a Trip
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The prince of Korea, Lee Seung Gi, who is currently the hero of MBC’s drama series, “2Hearts,” has returned to the music scene with a best album. It includes Lee’s hit songs starting from his debut track, “Because You’re My Woman” all the way to songs from his drama, “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.” There are a total of fifteen songs, all re-mastered for this album.

Noel (single) – Leaving (April 19)

01 Leaving

02 Broke Up

03 Leaving Inst.
04 Broke Up Inst.
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Four-member group, Noel has returned this month with a single album titled, “Leaving.” The title track is of the same title and is about wanting to hold onto a lover but unable to. The song is a Choi Gyu Sung and a Noel production. The other song in this single is “Broke Up,” a Rado composition.

Rooftop Prince OST Part 1 (released)

01 After a Long Time (Baek Ji Young)
02 Wound (Ali)
03 Happy Ending (Jay Park)

04 Buyongji Pond
05 Empty

06 Rooftop Prince
07 Elastic Socks 4People

08 Seoul Days
09 Geum So Hwa Lodging

10 Riddle
11 After a Long Time Inst.

12 Wound Inst.
13 Happy Ending Inst.
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The soundtrack for hit drama series, “Rooftop Prince” is finally released. Top artists such as Baek Ji Young, Ali, and Jay Park have taken part in the soundtrack, making it all the more anticipated by fans. It seems that both the series and soundtrack have been doing well on online charts!

Other Releases:
Non – Sound of Non (released)
Tensi Love – Daybreak (released)

Lee Geun Joong – Vol. 1 Story (released)
Noblesse – Vol. 6 Another Sad Song (April 19)

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