[Ceci] Beauty Scoop: Celebrity Nail Art (Tutorials for Tiffany's & Goo Hara's Nails)

Give your nails a makeover! Upgrade your nails to match your style for the day! Take styling tips from celebrities and get expert how-to’s below.

Jung Ryeo Won: Red Carpet Color Layering
To match her nude dress, Jung Ryeo Won picked a neutral peachy color to keep her hands from drawing all the attention.  She layered her nails with a metallic emerald color to keep it from looking monotonous.   

Go Joon Hee: Unbalanced Chic
The perfect nails for dark eye makeup and leather leggings. Go Joon Hee sports a luxurious wine color, mixed in with a couple bold silver-tipped French manicures.  The result is an effortlessly sexy look.   

Seo In Young: Single Color Accessory Mix-Match
Seo In Young jazzed up what could have been a dark and monotonous look by topping off the ensemble with charming little accessories. By matching the color of her nails to the bright tassels on her bracelet, she keeps either from standing out too much. She maintained her signature edgy style by sporting square tips. 

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany: Lovely Chic Black French Tips
Tiffany’s style is a combination of the chicness of black, the glamour of crystals, and the elegance of roses. The black French tips, combined with crystals and rose sticker seals, perfectly complements her white and lacy look.


Tiffany’s Romantic Nail Tutorial:

Step 1: Make a round French tip, brushing the color outwards.
Step 2: Stick on rose shaped stickers, making sure not to use more than three colors.
Step 3: Finish the glamorous look by adding red and white crystals, using volume gel for the three large crystals.
Tip: Keeping at least two of the nails simple (just sporting the French tip and crystals) will showcase the designs on the other nails better.
By BUB Korea’s director, Shigeyama Ai (read our past interview with her here)

Kara’s Goo Hara: Small Hologram, Big Smile
 For a bright outfit like Goo Hara’s, we recommend a one-tone look for your nails with a fun touch.  You can switch up the smile on one of the nails to add a witty touch.


Goo Hara’s Smiley Face Nail Tutorial:

Step 1: Freely apply the base color. Gel polish makes it easier to place the holograms.
Step 2: Lightly dip the stick in top coat and place the holograms on the nail.
Step 3: Use nail glue for the bows. Position them at the top of the nail for a hair bow effect, and below the smiles for a bow-tie effect!
By One Carrot Korea’s director, Kim Soo Jung


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