New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 April Week 3

U-Kiss mini-album Vol. 6 – Doradora (April 25)

01 Doradora
02 4U (For You)
03 When Love Stops
04 Amazing
05 Tick Tock (Out of Time) Korean Version
06 Doradora INST

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U-Kiss returns with their sixth mini-album, eight months since their last release. The title track is “Doradora,” a funky beat number using dubstep. This powerful dance number was composed by producer Kim Hyung Shik and Brian Kim. Also included in this album is the Korean version of “Tick Tock” as well as pop dance number, “4U,” composed and penned by Park Jae Bum.


Ivy – Interview (April 26)

01 Torn Heart
02 Firefly
03 Flower
04 Like a Movie
05 Someday

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Ivy finally returns after two years and six months with a ballad mini-album titled, “Interview.” This album is expected to show the singer’s honesty. The title track is “Torn Heart,” a ballad number which showcases Ivy’s vocals. Also included in the album is pop number, “Firefly” as well as the singer now turned songwriter’s self-composed piece, “Flower.”


Apink (single) – April 19th (released)

01 April 19th

Apink has prepared a gift for fans in celebration of their one year anniversary in the music scene. This gift is “April 19th,” a ballad number thanking fans for their endless love and support. This song was composed by Kim Jin Hwan and penned by Apink member, Park Cho Ryong.


Sunny Hill (single) – Is the White Horse Coming (released)

01 Is the White House Coming?
02 The Grasshopper Song (HAIHM-REMIX)

Sunny Hill returns to the music scene once more with, “Is the White Horse Coming,” a unique number with interesting beats and style. The song was composed by hit maker, Lee Min Su and penned by Kim Ina. It is of the boogie genre, and the song’s exciting sounds is expected to capture listeners’ interests. Also included in the album is a remix version of their previous single, “The Grasshopper Song.”


Kan Mi Youn, Lee Hyun (single) – Feeling Project Vol. 3 (released)

01 After Forgetting You
02 After Forgetting You INST

This month, Kan Mi Youn and Lee Hyun are the guests of the third part of the “Feeling Project” album. The song is “After Forgetting You,” an emotional ballad number composed and penned by fellow 8eight member, Back Chan. The prominent string accompaniment heard in the song is expected to stir the hearts of many.


Other Releases:
Peppertones – Vol. 4 Beginner’s Luck (April 23)
Mi – Vol. 1 Beautiful (April 23)
Ki Tae Young – Mini-Album 1: Cherish (April 23)
J.Rabbit – Looking Around (April 24)
Humpbacks – Vol. 1 Mayfly (April 24)
Rocket Diary – Anyone Anywhere (April 24)
Yellow Monster – We Eat Your Dog (April 25)
Lee Jun Ki – Mini-Album 1: Compliment Me (April 25)
Noise Mob – M.O.B (April 26)
Electroboyz – Electrify (April 26)
F.Cuz – For Century Ultimate Zest: Collector’s Edition (April 27)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

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