[Ceci] Celebs Love to Mix & Match Bracelets for That Extra Touch

Accessorize with Bracelets! 
Just wearing one bracelet may seem a little boring and random; and chances are, it’ll probably go unnoticed. However, if you mix,match, and layer them, bracelets can be the perfect accessories that showcase your unique personality, characteristic, and style. Check out how some of your favorite celebs add the final touches to their styles with their wrist-candies.

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Choi Yeo Jin:
She matched threaded bracelets (think friendship bracelets) with a silver watch. Each bracelet on its own may not have been anything special, but layering them really added a flair to her overall style. The bracelets really went well with Choi Yeo Jin’s ethnic, chiffon blouse.

Seo Woo:
Looking smart in an Einstein tee and lemon yellow skinnies, Seo Woo accessorized with five bangles to add the fun element into her look. While five may seem a little too much, she kept them interesting by mixing and matching bracelets of different color, shape, and texture.


Jessica (Girls’ Generation):
Just barely visible under her sporty jacket, Jessica wore a thick watch with a thin silver bracelet. She sported a big, almost men’s-like, watch and kept her arm from looking heavy and uninteresting with a simple, light bracelet. She’s a true fashionista who understands the importance of contrast and balance.


So Yi Hyun:
In a white cotton shirt, white shorts, and a beige belt, she rocked the modern, simplistic look. So Yi Hyun also matched her bracelet with a silver watch. Her creamy white leather bracelet wraps around her wrist twice, creating the illusion that she’s wearing more than one (or two if you count the watch) bracelet. The studs on her bracelet also add an edge to her otherwise very lady-like look.

Jung Ryeo Won:
Dressed in neutral tones, she was smart to match her wrist accessories in a similar tone. She sported a white strapped, gold-framed watch with slim pearls and brown-beaded bracelets. The accessories didn’t distract the overall look. Instead, the mix-matched bracelets were a feminine touch.

Yoon Seung Ah:
She really expressed her style and personality by choosing to in mix and match orange, green, gold, and black bracelets with her denim dress. The colors complemented each other well and gave a spunky, yet feminine appeal to her style that day.

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