4minute Worries About Their Airport Fashion

The members of 4minute revealed that they worry about their airport fashion. 4minute appeared on the live broadcast of YTNIssue & People” and discussed their honest thoughts. 

When asked about the topic of airport fashion, member Kwon So Hyun stated, “In the past, I didn’t really worry about my airport fashion. However, these days I’m starting to pay more attention to it since so many reporters come to the airport and take photos of best and worse dressers.”

In addition, the members were asked the question, “I heard that there were a lot of clothing brands that sponsor for celebrities. Is this true?” In response to this question, leader Nam Ji Hyun answered, “Whenever we go on long flights such as to Brazil, we want to wear comfortable clothes. However, when we think about the photos that reporters will take, we cannot help but dress up. It is true that we have sponsors for a few clothing items, but not for all of our clothes.”

Member Hyuna also made a comment about fellow member Huh Ga Yoon and chose her as the trendiest member. Hyuna stated, “Even if Ga Yoon wears the same clothing as other people, she pulls it off with her own unique style. She also has a really great body.” 

4minute recently made a comeback after one year with their third mini album Volume Up.” They are currently busy with their album promotions and activities.