Why Does JYP Insert the "JYP" Whisper in His Songs?

Producer and singer Park Jin Young confessed the reason why he inserts the “JYP” whisper in his songs.

Park Jin Young made an appearance on SBS “Healing Camp,” on April 30. He was asked, “Why do you insert a whisper “JYP,” in your songs?” and he answered “It’s a sort of a fan service.”

Park Jin Young said, “When I first made a song for g.o.d, I inserted the whisper and fans’ reaction was really good. Also I wanted fans to know the songs that I made even though I’m not active.” and “At some point, the public started to notice my songs even when they weren’t my fans.”

 Lastly he added, “I think the Songs that I inserted the whisper were more popular than those that I didn’t.”

Meanwhile, Park Jin Young revealed his home with a basketball court and expensive workout equipments for the first time on air.