Shinhwa’s Eric Uses Heel Inserts Despite Tall Height and Upsets Minwoo

On an episode of the variety show, “Hello,” Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo revealed that the team’s leader, Eric, wears heel inserts.

On the episode of “Hello” that aired on May 1, Shinhwa made a guest appearance. MC Lee Young Ja asked Minwoo what kind of dilemma the group was facing these days.

Then Minwoo answered, “Eric wears heel inserts. So I asked Eric, ‘Why does a guy, who is over 180 cm, need to wear heel inserts?’ Then he answered, ‘These are actor’s shoes!'” 

Minwoo continued to say, “So I expressed my disdain for this and told him, ‘Are you telling your stylist to kill me and Dongwan?!” which caused laughter to erupt throughout the set. Dongwan and Minwoo are the two shortest members of Shinhwa.